Here some pictures of my PPPPD

Pipo de Clown is a character from a television-series in the Netherlands, around 1960-65.
He had to cope with two not very smart outlaws, Snuf and Snuitje. They were always trying to steal something, and pearls were their favorite item.  Snuf stuttered, and had great difficulty with that word puh...puh...puh...parels <in dutch, that is>

Back to business: Since I need only one programmer, I used perforated board to build it.
The cable is an old printer-cable: shielded, and 1m80 long. Perfect for this purpose.

Primary drillings to fit the housing

Top side built

Bottom side

Front of finished PPPPD

And the rear.

My first AVR-programmer was the dongle that came with the STK200-board.
Kanda blundered with that one: the ISP-connector on the dongle itself is rotated 180°. And they corrected that by crimping one of the connectors "the wrong way around" on the ISP-flatcable.
To prevent confusion, I made, on purpose, the same error thus allowing me to use ISP-cables from other programmers I built.

If you don't have an STK200, stick to the pinning as shown on the schematic !